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Products for Curly Hair: Frizz-Ease Hair Serum

This month Allure magazine came out with their list of Top 10 Best of Beauty Hall of Fame Products, and while I’ve tried all but two of the products over the years (who didn’t sneak their mom’s Chanel No. 5 as … Continue reading

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Is Beauty Really in the Eye of the Beholder?

Speak Softly, Husband. So I’ve been on the non-sulfate shampoo regimen for over a month now and I’m a true believer.  I won’t go back to regular shampoo, ever again.  I only wish I had learned this curly-haired trick years … Continue reading

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Products for Curly Hair: (Non-)Shampoo & Conditioner

After my first post on shampoo for curly hair, I received a few comments and emails about non-shampoo – cleaning products for hair but without added detergents.  The WEN and DevaCurl product lines were the two that were mentioned again … Continue reading

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Humidity and Curly Hair

Did you ever see that episode of Friends where the gang goes to the Bahamas for Ross’ paleontology conference?  And each time she appears Monica’s hair gets bigger, and bigger and bigger?  I can so relate.  It’s amazing the effects … Continue reading

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Hair Care Products for Curly Hair: Shampoo

Hair products and curly hair go hand-in-hand, and over the course of the “Curl” posts on this blog I want to review the gamut of products out there since each is worthy of their own discussion.  Today let’s talk shampoo. … Continue reading

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Evolution of Corkscrews & Curls

How does one ‘get’ curly hair?  You can purchase ringlets from a box or corkscrews from a salon.  You can inherit waves at birth from your mother or your father.  Or you can grow into curls.  Like I did. I … Continue reading

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