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Do you ever stop in your tracks in the wine department of your grocery store, overwhelmed with the myriad of choices available?  I do.  All the time.  I’m just looking for a decent bottle of wine, at a good price point.  And there are just so many choices out there.  Red, white, Merlot, Pinot Grigio, wines that are on sale and wines that are not, wines that have ratings or recommendations and wines that don’t, and everything in between.  You can easily drop $100 or more by selecting any five or six bottles just to see if you like them.  And they may not be good.  So how do you choose?

Well, enter Corkscrews & Curls.  I’m here to do the heavy lifting – of the glass that is – for you.  In addition to chatting about food and curly haired girl topics, I’ll share with you my favorite, reasonably priced wines.

What’s my pedigree to give you this advice?  Um, well, does 20 years of wine drinking count?  I hope it’s good for something!  There are tons of blogs and web sites out there that review wines of all kinds at all price points.  This tiny slice of the Net will be focused on the kind of wine that you always have on hand.  Your go-to wine for everyday drinking.

I think it’s nice to have two or three go-to wines on hand.  Ones you can purchase six at a time to get the grocery store 10% or 20% discount.  Ones you know you like.  So I’ll share with you the wines I have discovered, by trial and error, that are tasty to me and affordable.  And believe me, there are plenty of good ones out there at that price point.  They just need to be found.


There are definitely different levels of curliness.  And there are so many factors affecting the types of curls:  length of hair, thinness or thickness of hair, its texture, and your age just to name a few.

What kind of curls do you rock?  Are your curls tight and frizzy?  Do they fall in perfect corkscrews?  Or is your hair just wavy?  So wavy that you spend 30 minutes each morning blow drying it straight and then smoothing out with a flat iron?  Are you a curly-haired girl in disguise, masquerading as a straight-haired girl?  I know, I know.  That’s OK.  You’re still one of us.  And sometimes I do it too.

My hair is somewhere in between wavy and curly.  Sometimes, when the moon and stars align and I have the perfect combination of hair product and weather on my side, my hair leans more towards corkscrew curls.  But it’s usually just a temporary thing.  Certainly only until I wake up in the morning and see the mashed out mess that is my mop.  Definitely not romance novel worthy.  Lucky for me my husband says he likes curly hair.  Bless his heart.  Basically, my hair is just a controlled mess at best.

I’ve had a hard time finding resources for curly hair, other than on product web sites.  My hope is that through this blog we – us curly haired gals – can learn from each other, tips and tricks, experiences and advice about what works and doesn’t work for the care, maintenance and rockin’ good looks of curly hair.

Crumbs, Napkins & Notes

I love food.  I love to eat it, photograph it, and share it with friends and family.  I love to compete with food too.  I’ve been entering recipe contests for a few years now and have had the opportunity to travel all over the country competing in cook-offs.  Check out some of my contest winning recipes on link in the nav bar on the right.

Since entertaining is a passion of mine, the kind of recipes I’ll focus on are stand-out, make-ahead dishes that will get you out of the kitchen while you’re entertaining so that you can spend more time with your guests.  There’s a lot you can do in the kitchen a day or two before your guests arrive to make your menu the star of the show and give you time to actually enjoy your guests’ company.

So when I’m not chatting about wine or curly hair trials and tribulations, I’ll be eating, entertaining and recipe creating.  And we can chat about that too.

Thank you for visiting Corkscrews & Curls!


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  1. Ronna F says:

    Hi Liz! I enjoyed reading your blog and I’d like to subscribe, but I don’t see any place to do that! BTW….I wish you the best of luck with it!

    • Lizzie says:

      Hi Ronna, check out the top of the right-hand column – the icons should take to subscribe features: Facebook, Twitter, RSS feed, or email. Thanks for reading Corkscrews & Curls!


  2. Hi Liz,
    I never did figure out why you looked so familiar to me. No matter, I enjoyed meeting you and visiting with you ar BlogHer Food. Good luck with your blog. Your doing great so far! Stay in touch.

    Best Regards,

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