Wine Recommendation: 6th Sense Syrah 2009 – Lodi Appellation

Hints of Plums and Chocolate Cake.

I think I have a new house red wine.  I have fallen in love with Michael David Winery’s 2009 6th Sense Syrah.  The wine is made from grapes planted by brothers Michael and David Phillips in the Lodi region in 1982.  The Lodi appellation, east of San Francisco and south of Sacramento, has over 750 wineries.

I know that wine distribution to every state is different, so you might (or might not) know this winery for their popular Seven Deadly Zins wine – a great red with a huge following.  Their 6th Sense Syrah is sure to have a following too.  It’a a big wine with bold, round flavors and the perfect amount of tannins.  Made from Syrah and Petite Sirah grapes, the color is a deep, dark black cherry red. It’s gorgeous looking and smelling.  For me it had initial hints of smoke and leather, mellowing to plums and chocolate cake as it opened.

It could easily hold up to a thick steak, a juicy rosemary and garlic infused leg of lamb, or a Sunday evening pot roast.  But that didn’t stop me from drinking it on its own while folding laundry and watching Grease at 2:00 in the afternoon today.  Ahh, Sundays.

Tasting notes from the Michael David Winery website:

A big, blockbuster wine. The nose combines intense plum, mixed berry fruit with toasty oak aromas such as vanilla, chocolate, and coffee. The palate is not timid either; it’s full and lush in body, with just enough acid and tannins to provide structure and lots of very ripe black fruit and vanillin oak that linger on the finish.

And this from the back of the bottle:

I smell with one nose, an ancient black rose, a memory lingering, briefly exposed. I see with two eyes, through shadows and lies, a secret revealing, wrapped in disguise. I hear with my ears, three fallen tears, echoing softly, heightening my fears. I taste with my tongue, my panics begun, four sides enclosed, melding as one. I touch with my hands, a sinister plan, five fingers discerning where I do stand. I sense with my mind, a thought so unkind. I’m trapped six feet under in a bottle of wine.

Macabre poetry about red wine.  Like I said, I’m in love.

I purchased 6th Sense Syrah from my local grocery store on sale for $15.99 (marked down from $20.99), and next time I’m at the store I’ll buy at least six to get the 10% discount this store offers for purchasing half cases.  If you like hearty reds, try this one soon!

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  1. I’ll have to look for this. My husband is more of a red wine drinker than I am but I do like those flavors.

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