Is Beauty Really in the Eye of the Beholder?

Speak Softly, Husband.

So I’ve been on the non-sulfate shampoo regimen for over a month now and I’m a true believer.  I won’t go back to regular shampoo, ever again.  I only wish I had learned this curly-haired trick years ago.  I got my hair cut short, for me, and I think that’s also helped define and tame the curls.  It’s an A-line bob that hits my shoulders in the front and is shorter than I’ve worn my hair since that really Bad Short Haircut of 1983.

I’ve been pretty happy about my good-hair to bad-hair day ratio lately, so was a little taken aback by a conversation my husband and I had this morning.  I’m not sure how we started talking about my hair, but this is how it went:

Me:  “I can really tell the difference with my hair now that I’m not using shampoo with sulfates.  Can you tell my hair has changed?”

Mr. Darcy:  “Yes.  But I like it better when it’s more… puffy.”

Me:  (mouth open, blank stare)

Mr. Darcy:  “You know, more puffy.” with hand gestures to the side of his head

Me:  erratically blinking eyes with a nervous twitch “Puffy?  Puffy?  But my curls are tight.  And there are more of them.  And they’re so corkscrewy!”

Mr. Darcy:  “I know.  It’s kind of ‘piece-y’ looking.  Like dreadlocks.”

Huh?  What is he talking about?  Is he so used to seeing me with a halo of frizz that he thinks a messy rat’s nest is normal?  Or attractive?  Is he longing for the BIG hair I rocked in the late 80′s?  (Ok, we didn’t know each other back then, but he’s seen the photos). 

Now since I didn’t have any work appointments today and I knew I’d be at home for most if not all of the day, I let my hair air-dry.  Granted, when I air-dry my hair it’s usually has a little less volume.  So I can kind of see what he meant about it not being that puffy.  But that’s nothing that a quick upside-down shake and a bunch of hair spray can’t quickly fix.  And I guess I can take his ‘piece-y, dreadlocks’ comments as a compliment – my curls really are more pronounced than they ever have been before and there is less frizz surrounding each of those curls.  So I’m going to take the whole conversation as that my using the non-sulfate shampoo is really working, making my hair healthier, more moisturized and just plain curlier. 

But it just goes to show you, as in many things in life, beauty is sometimes in the eye of the beholder.

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One Response to Is Beauty Really in the Eye of the Beholder?

  1. Rena Graham says:

    i think it’s on the eye of “beerholder”. LOL. Seriously, i think, it how you define beauty. In some conservative society they don’t look on the physical aspect but on the inner beauty within.

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